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Climate and Culture Responsive Building

Learning from the past to optimize today's buildings.

Due to globalization, in the present and recent past planning principles have become established in the design of buildings, which have led to an almost uniform construction method in all regions of the world. The principles of adapting a construction to the climate as well as the culture are neglected. Respect for traditional architecture has been lost and it has been dismissed as atavistic. In addition, the scarcity of raw materials, rising energy prices, climate change and demographic change are forcing planners to develop sustainable concepts adapted to the regional climate and socio-cultural conditions when planning national and international projects.

The focus of this research area is therefore on the scientific analysis of the fundamentals and principles of climate- and culturally appropriate construction. Research into the principles of traditional construction methods and building forms plays an essential role in this context. The requirements adaptive construction for climate are determined on the basis of examples from the individual climatic regions, taking into account regional socio-cultural aspects, local economic and ecological conditions, as well as locally available building materials and construction techniques.



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