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Continuing education

Studying while working

Since the start of the continuing education programme "Master Online Building Physics" in 2007, the Institute has been able to gather a wealth of experience in the field of online academic continuing education.

The first year of the continuing education programme "Master Online Building Physics" started in the winter semester 2007/08. In the meantime, a continuing education programme has been initiated, that benefits from the wealth of experience in the field of online continuing education. "Master Online Acoustics" was launched in the winter semester of 2017/18.

Addressing building physical and acoustic problems, requirements and demands is part of the daily work in many fields and professions. There is hardly any time to keep up with the constant technological changes and to study them in depth. Offers and formats for academic continuing education and personal development are therefore gaining in importance. Together with partner institutes at the University of Stuttgart, IABP has developed and established a special didactic concept to integrate continuing education into everyday life in the best possible way.

The customised and multimedia Master's online degree programmes in acoustics and building physics offer the opportunity to continue your education and gain personal qualifications while working. They provide sound knowledge and are oriented towards current needs in practice. The unique academic degrees "Master of Acoustics" (M.Ac.) and "Master of Building Physics" (M.BP.) enrich the professional development of graduates. They increase career opportunities and also entitle students to doctorates.

Continuing education programmes


This image shows Matthias Brodbeck

Matthias Brodbeck


Manager of Master Online Akustik

This image shows Holger Röseler

Holger Röseler


Manager Master Online Bauphysik

This image shows Pia Krause

Pia Krause

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