Recommended Literature and Announcements of IABP and LBP.

Recommended Literature

Knowledge of building physics has become essential in the design, planning, practical execution and use of buildings. Building physics covers the phenomena of heat (energy), humidity, sound, fire and daylight, which can occur in the interior of rooms, in the building components themselves and also in the surroundings of buildings, i.e. in their urban context (urban building physics).

The diverse building physics contents must be well understood and well trained. The book contains so-called "comprehension questions" and tasks for each area of building physics, each with solutions. The book is an aid for students as well as for practitioners in the sectors of architecture, civil engineering, technical building equipment and related fields, wherever questions of building physics come into play.

ISBN 978-3-658-16047-0, Springer, Heidelberg

This monograph is the first systematic presentation of the theory of structure-borne sound intensity. Starting from general formulations for arbitrarily inhomogeneous and anisotropic bodies, the energy densities and intensities of sound waves are explicitly calculated and graphically represented for simple structures (half-space, homogeneous plates and periodically inhomogeneous bodies). In the case of more complicated structures, the main acoustic phenomena and methods for their calculation come to the fore, whereby the reader is introduced to the current state of knowledge.

Subsequently, the various possible applications of these theoretical principles are explained: Deepening understanding of acoustic processes; control and optimisation of numerical calculations and computer simulations; calculation of further instructive examples; further development of measurement technology; analysis of structure-borne sound problems for noise abatement in building acoustics and technical acoustics.

Announcements of IABP and LBP (PDF)

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