Institute Library

The Institute Library is a presence library, which is accessible during the opening hours of the secretariat. Its collections cover all areas of building physics and are also recorded in the library system of the University of Stuttgart.

The Institute Library is a presence library, which is accessible during the opening hours of the secretariat:

Weekday Opening hours
Monday to Friday 09:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Monday to Thursday 02:00 p.m. to 04:30 p.m.


The collections of the Institute's library are registered in the library system of the University of Stuttgart and can be searched there specifically. The collections cover the following areas:

Signature Subject Area
A Acoustics Sound, Noise
AR Architecture Green Facades and Roofs
B Fire Fire Protection, Lightning Protection
BC Construction Chemistry Building Biology
BK Building Construction Windows, Doors, Roofs (flat roofs, green roofs), Floors, Wall Constructions, Stairs, Facades, Building Construction, Sealings, Paints, Dry Construction Practice, Screeds, Tiled Stoves, External Plasters, Internal Plasters
BP Building Physics Heat, Humidity, Sound, Building Technology
BS Structural Damage Emergence, Prevention, Renovation, Modernisation, Maintenance, Building Protection, Construction Defects, Subsequent Thermal Insulation
BW Construction Industry Building Law, HOAI
F Humidity Moisture Damage, Fungi
GB Glass Buildings Glass Atlas, Conservatories, Facades
L Light Daylight, Illumination
MP Mathematics - Physics Microwaves, Finite Element Method
MT Building physics Measurement Technology Building physics Measurement Technology
SBP Urban Building Physics Air Hygiene, Urban Planning, Urban Planting, Noise Protection
SON Other Other Issues
SW Vibrations Vibrations in general, Vibrations in Civil Engineering, Shocks
UW Environment Meteorology, Urban Climate, Climatology, Weather Influences on Buildings, Air Hygiene, Natural Disasters, Weather Reports, Ecology
VL Virtual Learning EDV, Computer Programs
WE Heat - Energy Heating, Fireplaces, Stoves, Solar Energy, Low-Energy Houses, Passive Houses, Thermal Bridges, EnEV, Thermodynamics, Ventilation
WP Living Physiology Health, Indoor Climate, Indoor Air Quality, Comfort, Electrosmog, Plants
WS Materials Asbestos, Plastics, Steel, Aluminium, Screed, Bitumen, Wood (Wood Protection), Concrete (Concrete Corrosion), Stones, Recycling of Building Materials
DIN Standards DIN-Standards



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