Building physics interactions in adaptive façade elements

Special Research Area (SFB) 1244 Subproject C05
[Photo: IABP]

Imagine that the walls around you are not just purely static objects, but actively and dynamically contribute to the climate control of your building. Imagine that the façades could not only influence the transmittance of light or radiation, but also the transmission of heat, moisture or acoustics. Initial prototypes demonstrate the U value of a façade to be either insulating or thermally conductive and thus achieve potential savings. But how does this property affect the acoustic properties of the façade? How much saving can I really achieve with it in terms of the entire building? And how can this be integrated into the life cycle assessment of a building? These are the very questions that sub-project C05 of SFB1244 is addressing. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Funded by:

German Research Foundation


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Philip Leistner

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