Façade-integrated adsorption systems for building air conditioning

Special Research Area (SFB) 1244 Subproject C06
[Photo: IBK2]

Adsorption façade elements (AFE) offer the possibility to provide cooling from solar radiation. The adsorber is charged by the incident solar radiation. The generated steam is condensed in the condenser and then streams into the evaporator. If the adsorber is discharged, water evaporates from the evaporator, thus chills the room, and readsorbs in the adsorber. But how much cooling power can be achieved? How can a functional and aesthetic design of the AFE be engineered? And how can the AFE be assessed integrally? These are the questions that sub-project C06 of DFG-SFB1244 is addressing.

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German Research Foundation


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Philip Leistner

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