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Building physics is influenced by the rapid advances in building technology, the growing user demands and the increasing requirements placed on buildings. The use of innovative building products, construction types and building processes requires a high level of education in building physics on the part of the planners. Added to this are the challenges brought by climate change, the trend toward globalization, and the promotion of a sustainably designed built environment. These developments call for ideally in-service training of architects and engineers working in the building sector. Accordingly, the thematic focus is reflected in the MASTER:ONLINE Building Physics and Environmental Construction program. It is aimed at interested students with a bachelor's, master's or diploma degree who want to continue their education in the field of building physics or environmental construction in a practice-oriented, well-founded, comprehensive and, above all, part-time manner.

In order to be able to meet the challenges of studies, career and family at the same time, the program makes targeted use of innovative techniques as well as teaching and learning methods. This enables a hybrid form of teaching with 80% online and 20% attendance phases. Prerequisites are a degree in engineering or a related professional qualification as well as at least one year of professional experience.

MASTER:ONLINE Building Physics was the first accredited Master's program in Building Physics and was successfully launched in the winter semester 2007/08. Since the winter semester 22/23, the program is called MASTER:ONLINE Building Physics and Environmental Construction with a corresponding extension of its curriculum to include the specialization of environmental construction.

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This image shows Philip Leistner

Philip Leistner

Prof. Dr.-Ing.


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Holger Röseler


Manager Master Online Bauphysik

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