Partner of the EU Initiative „New European Bauhaus“

June 9, 2021 / Julia Sill

We are partner of the EU initiative "New European Bauhaus"

The initiative as an interdisciplinary creative movement aims to bring together diverse European stakeholders such as citizens, scientists and economy in an inclusive and participatory way.

About the Initiative


Focusing on the urgent challenges of climate change, the IABP supports this initiative as a partner. Our research on the built urban environment and its transformation aims at the exchange and transfer of knowledge, e.g. on resource efficient systems for new constructions and renovation, at climate and culture responsive buildings and at healthy, green urban spaces.

With this knowledge, our activities and networks we will

  • contribute, pick up and disseminate impulses,
  • activate, connect and expand networks and stakeholders,
  • initiate, coordinate, communicate and present projects,
  • support students with up-to-date teaching material.
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