Girls in front of the UnaTerra Facade

Girls Day Event at IABP

May 8, 2023

On April the 24th, girls of 5th and 6th grade visited the researchers at the Institute for Acoustics and Building Physics. The focus on this day was on the research of green facades at the University Stuttgart as well as at the Fraunhofer Institute.

On Thursday 25.4, girls from different schools took part in our Girl’s Day event at IABP, in cooperation with Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology as well as the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. The Researchers shared their knowledge with the young students and gave insight on the science behind the facade-systems.

The tour started by briefly introducing different insects and how they are affected by the built environment, then the students were later presented with our UnaTerra green façade at Pfaffenwaldring 9.

The girls aged from 10 to 12 years old, had fun experimenting with the thermal camera and learning about the effects of building materials on the natural environment

Protocoll for Girls Day
The girls filled out a research protocoll

Afterwards, the girls headed to Fraunhofer institute where they had a guided tour by Pia Krause, and learned about our latest innovative green façade; Bio-Div/ Wild Climate Wall.

At the end, the girls expressed their overall satisfaction with the workshop, and even made their own creative tiny insect hotels to take home.

Girl’s day is considered the largest career orientation project for female students. IABP is grateful to be take part of this event and to be actively supporting young girls in their educational and professional journey.

Girls crafting insect hotels
The crafting process of insect hotels was especially fun

Institute for Acoustics und Building Physics
Melina Wochner, Moritz Weckmann

Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology
Leonie Fischer, Eva Bender

Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics
Pia Krause

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